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Centershot Blue

Centershot® Blue is a program designed for law enforcement, first responders and military personnel. This program uses archery as a tool to proactively develop trust and wellness. Archery is one of the fastest growing sports worldwide; and with our system and equipment virtually anyone at any skill level can benefit. The therapeutic nature of archery can assist with PTSD, special needs development and physical rehabilitation.

Centershot® Blue offers two main tracks. We offer chaplains and P.O.S.T. members a wellness track and community policing squads with a B.A.I. (Basic Archery Instructor) certification.

Communities can develop a Centershot® Blue Outpost where training and trust building can be carried out safely. Once personnel are trained they can bring Centershot® Blue archery camps, leagues, and tournaments to their entire community. The natural draw and interest this sport creates positions personnel as a positive light in their community.

For more information contact Centershot® President Aaron Scheer